RPC4Django is an XMLRPC and JSONRPC server for Django powered projects. Simply plug it into any existing Django project and you can make your methods available via XMLRPC and JSONRPC. In addition, it can display nice documentation about the methods it makes available in a more customizable way than DocXMLRPCServer.

RPC4Django is not affiliated with the Django Project.


  • Detects request type (JSONRPC or XMLRPC) based on content
  • Easy identification of RPC methods via a decorator
  • Pure python and requires no external modules except Django
  • Customizable RPC method documentation including reST
  • Supports XMLRPC and JSONRPC introspection
  • Supports method signatures (unlike SimpleXMLRPCServer)
  • Supports multicall requests
  • Easy installation and integration with existing Django projects
  • Licensed for inclusion in open source and commercial software
  • Ties in with Django’s authentication and authorization


  • David Fischer (wish list)
  • Alessandro Pasotti
  • Alexander Morozov
  • Albert Hopkins
  • d9pouces
  • hansenerd
  • Sébastien RAMAGE